CLEAN WATER Saving Lives
  • posted by Paper For Water
  • Written on Mar 02, 2018 | Updated on Apr 08, 2019

Due to unsafe water and poor sanitation conditions in much of the developing world, millions of people live with the fact that the water they drink to survive may kill them. Diarrhea, which is an inconvenience in developed countries, can be deadly, especially to young children. There are 2.5 billion cases of diarrhea every year in children under the age of five, and deaths from diarrhea amount to 760,000 a year. It’s the second leading cause of child deaths in the world, taking the lives of more young children than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. By supporting Paper For Water, you are helping us bring clean water to the global poor worldwide through the construction of water wells in impoverished communities. Paper for Water raises money to drill wells for some of the world's 783 million people who lack access to clean water. These water wells provide safe water and improved sanitation for entire communities. This helps keep people, especially vulnerable children, healthy, happy and in school to learn and contribute to their community. In addition, our partners also stress hygiene promotion in schools, churches, health facilities and communities; sanitation promotion through the elimination of open defecation areas; community engagement to create a sense of ownership and sustainability of the project; and witnessing about God’s glory to the community.