Our volunteers make everything we do possible. Be part of our impact and join our team of world changers today!

Church Groups Volunteer

We have many churches that work with us as hosts for origami folding events and holiday craft fairs. Learn more about how your church can help Paper for Water contact [email protected].


Families that Volunteer

We have many dedicated families that volunteer with Paper for Water. We welcome your family to join us in the mission to end the world water crisis. Join us from any locations around the world.

  •  Origami folding;
  •  Origami folding parties & speaking;
  •  Speaking in your area;
  •  Social and video marketing;
  •  Events (water walk or other fundraiser);
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Paper for water volunteers 2
photography by Sarah Anna Hansen

The Impact

You can help us change the world! Join our goal to fund at least one well a month this year by joining our Well of the Month Club and be one of the 500 world changers donating at least $10 monthly. Without the help of our many volunteers, partners, and representatives, we would not have been able to bring clean water to thousands of communities around the world.

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