What if you could impact generations to come with a single action? It all starts with you sponsoring a child studying at the Upendo Kids Village. Providing clean water will keep these children safe, healthy and in school getting an education that will impact not just their lives - but generations to come.



Upendo Kids Village is located in Mirira in Muranga, Central Kenya and was founded in 2012. The institution includes a total of 52 kids (28 girls and 24 boys) housed on its five-acres in Mirira. The homes of these children rely on water from the Muranga Water and Sewerage Company that has been piped to their facility - water used for cleaning, cooking and drinking. The water source is unreliable during dry season, where monthly water bills bills can be up to 500 USD. The alternative water source is Sagana river which flows closely by. In times when the river water system is dysfunctional and they have been unable or delayed to pay the monthly water bill, the children and the staff have to walk down to Sagana river to collect water using containers. This is risky since the river is also infested with crocodiles.

The project

The cost of this project is $58,000. The remaining amount to raise is $52,000. Paper for Water has the goal of raising the remainging $52,000 for this project, which is $1,000 per student. The funds invested in this project will:

  •  Fund a deep water project to supply clean water;
  •  Protect the children from collecting water from the river infested with crocodiles;
  •  Implement solid waste management and safe storage of water systems;
  •  Build an elevated 18000 liter steel water tank;
  •  Provide hygiene and sanitation training;
  •  Construction of handwashing stations;
  •  Support the ability to grow vegetables continuously in the greenhouse;
  •  Enable community mobilization;
  •  Support future water project sustainability;