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Fantasy Gifts

Gifts from Paper For Water that give back

Neiman Marcus 2017 wish list of the world's most imaginative gifts.


Clean-water wells for communities in need, one-of-a-kind origami ornaments as our gift to you.


With the purchase of clean-water wells and holiday ornaments, Neiman Marcus will donate $50,000 to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation.

With the purchase of each Paper For Water ornament, Neiman Marcus will donate $50 to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation.

Give clean-water wells, get 250 ornaments $50,000

Two wells will be created in the recipient's choice of select locales, in partnership with Paper For Water. Founded by two enterprising young sisters, the nonprofit offers handmade paper ornaments to help fund clean-water wells for communities in need. What's more, the recipient will receive 250 one-of-a-kind origami ornaments, along with a visit in his or her home from the organization's founders and a master origami artist who will give private lessons, crafting another five unique ornaments.

Origami ornaments that prove it's the thought that counts and not the budget $50

Make someone's holiday with our exclusive Paper For Water limited-edition ornaments. The proceeds from each Neiman Marcus ornament will help bring fresh, clean water to children and families desperately in need.


Shipping charges and/or taxes may apply. The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation supports various charitable purposes, including Paper For Water. $50,000 clean-water wells and ornaments gift limited to one customer.

  •  A plaque commemorating the donor(s) name(s) will be installed in each of the two locales selected to receive the clean-water wells;
  •  The private origami lessons with the master origami artist and Paper For Water founders will be scheduled on a mutually agreed-upon Saturday from February 3, 2018, through April 28, 2018, only within the contiguous United States;
  •  Each $50 origami ornament is unique and handcrafted, so design will vary slightly;
  •  Limit of 10 $50 origami ornaments per customer;