Change Makers Council

Since Isabelle and Katherine founded Paper for Water an increasing number of talented, motivated and exceptional youth have come forward to join our efforts to bring safe water to the Thirsty. We know our youth dream bigger and are capable of accomplishing great things.

To further the efforts of Paper for Waters' mission, the Change Makers Council was formed.

Its motivated members have introduced creative ideas and energy that have already made a real impact.

Role in Accomplishing Overall PFW Mission

The PFW Change-Makers Council is an auxiliary council that works to support the mission and vision of Paper for Water through fundraising support, prayer and volunteer support (full responsibilities listed in position description below). The Change-Makers council will support executive and board-level leadership at Paper for Water.

Skills/Qualifications Needed:

  •  A mature and/or growing relationship with Christ, a dependence on the Holy Spirit to live in a manner that would honor Christ, and a concern for the spiritual development of others.
  •  Understanding of and strong support for the vision and mission of Paper for Water.
  •  Understanding of and strong support for the vision and mission of Paper for Water.
  •  An ability to communicate the vision and mission of PFW to others.
  •  Humility; a dedicated change-maker’s goal is not to make yourself known, but to highlight the families around the world who are unable to advocate for themselves.
  •  Accountability; we hope that you will honor your commitments and always serve PFW with the highest integrity.
  •  Entrepreneurial Spirit; we want to work with youth leaders who have an insatiable appetite to improve and master new skills.
  •  Communicate, please communicate with PFW regularly. Let us know how we can help support your efforts.
  •  A willingness to work with others to make our world a better place.

Specific Responsibilities:

  •  Serve for a minimum of one year
  •  Attend quarterly meetings (typically 2 hours)
  •  Support and help lead a school club, or support PFW events in your community throughout the year.
  •  Provide encouragement, prayer and counsel to Isabelle and Katherine and the PFW Board of Directors. This may include periodic conversations or meetings in addition to the quarterly council meetings.
  •  Assist in raising the resources (financial, time and talent) needed by PFW to realize its vision and mission
  •  Commit to making or fundraising a financial contribution(s) to PFW of a minimum of $1,000.
  •  Consider joining our Kenya 2020 trip to interact with the communities your efforts are serving.
  •  Pray regularly for the needs of PFW.

The Impact

You can help us change the world! Join our goal in 2021 to fund at least one well a month this year by joining our Well of the Month Club and be one of the 500 world changers donating at least $10 monthly. Without the help of our many volunteers, partners, and representatives, we would not have been able to bring clean water to thousands of communities around the world.

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