9 year old Angelica's goal to raise $25,000
  • posted by Paper For Water
  • Written on Mar 02, 2018 | Updated on Apr 08, 2019

Angelica, 9 years old had a great conference call with Mrs. Kayla, who is the VP of Operations for Paper For Water. She will be partnering to bring a workshop to her community in Georgia. Super Science Kids will be providing science kits exploring water! Build a well, water filtration, and surface tension! These kits will be given to kids at the shelters, too. But, the workshop will focus mainly on creating origami ornaments as a fundraiser for Paper For Water. She hopes tons of people will join her to raise money to build wells in India and Africa!! Her goal: $25,000!! Just keep swimming!!🐟🐠🐡 PS I like conference calls because I can wear my jammies.😉 MISSION: to engage at risk youth (especially kids that live in shelters or are in the foster care system) into the field of science. www.supersciencekids.org VISION: Super Science Kids believes no kid should be without the education and enjoyment of science. We hope to inspire kids to do great things, succeed in science, and to develop a love for science despite the challenges they are facing in their life. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Super Science Kids is a non-profit that teaches and engages at-risk children and youth into the field of science. SSK will assist professional volunteers in developing fun and engaging opportunities, such as workshops or science station nights to teach scientific lessons/crafts. SSK will work alongside nonprofits such as shelters and foster care facilities, providing them with science kits.