Ten Year Highlights

Paper for Water began November 3, 2011 when Isabelle and Katherine Adams first exchanged origami for donations to fund a water well in Ethiopia.

Paper for Water was featured for the first time on local television, spreading the word of our mission beyond the Dallas metroplex.

Paper for water good morning texas 2

Paper for Water visited some of it's 23 of its water projects in India and witnessed the real impact clean water has on a community.

Nickelodeon's Halo Effect brought national attention to the domestic water crisis in New Mexico and energized people to join Paper for Water’s mission as volunteers and donors.

Paper for Water partnered with Kleenex and DigDeep to surprise the Delgaritos family with clean water on the Navajo Nation, and their joy was shared with thousands on social media.

Paper for Water traveled around the world, visited dozens of water projects and connected to the geographical, environmental, and cultural challenges related to the water crisis.

Being a Neiman Marcus' 2017 Fantasy Gift translates water for thousand of people into reality.

Paper for Water created an incredible installation suspended above the Galleria Dallas’ Ice Rink comprised of 4,000 origami butterflies which required 1,000 volunteer hours.

From Good Morning Texas in 2012 to Good Morning America in 2019, Paper for Water stepped into the national news spotlight.

Looking back over ten years of transforming lives inspires us to continue to bring water and the Word to the Thirsty, one piece of paper at a time.