In 2017, we decorated the famed Neiman Marcus Palladium tree in their historic downtown Dallas store and were featured as one of their exclusive Fantasy Gifts. An anonymous buyer purchased the Paper for Water fantasy gift ornaments, catapulting our mission in front of millions of people. In 2018 and again in 2019, we were asked to decorate two beautiful trees at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Colinas, Texas and an additional 8 local DFW companies and private homes.

This year, in the wake of the global pandemic, our goal is to bring safe water and sanitation to the most vulnerable, while empowering our incredible army of youth and adult volunteers. Would you consider helping us fund a clean water and sanitation project for a community in need through sponsorship of beautiful origami decorations for your tree? By sponsoring a tree through Paper for Water, you will be able to enjoy beautiful holiday decor that has meaning and purpose. You’ll be able to share your support of clean water and sanitation with clients that visit you, inspire your employees or friends, and transform lives through clean water initiatives. This sponsorship opportunity provides you with a chance to make an investment in the welfare of thousands of families who lack access to clean, safe water. Is there anything more valuable during the holidays?

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